Mocha Moms is the premier voice and support group for mothers of color. Mocha Moms welcome people of all religions, races, educational backgrounds and income levels. Anyone who supports the mission of Mocha Moms is welcome to join.

Atlanta Mocha Moms serves as an advocate for those mothers and encourages the spirit of community activism within its membership.


Mocha Moms, Inc. began as a support group for mothers of color who had chosen to alter their career paths in order to devote more time to their families and communities. As such, the organization was essential because historically, mothers of color, particularly African-American mothers, had not had the opportunity to devote the majority of their time to caring for their own families.

The organization was formed after the publishing of a newsletter called “Mocha Moms” which was created in the hopes of connecting at-home mothers of color with each other. The newsletter was intended to encourage these mothers to feel good about their choice as well as to provide information to help them be the best and most important influence in their children’s lives. It was distributed to over 100 moms across the country in the spring of 1997. That summer, four mothers of color in Prince George’s County, Maryland decided to form a national support group and they called it Mocha Moms, Inc. Mocha Moms, Inc. was founded on September 16, 1997, registered in the state of Maryland on May 6, 1998, incorporated on October 4, 1999, and received 501(c)(3) non-profit status in January 2002.

Our Mission and Purpose

Today Mocha Moms, Inc. serves as the premier voice for all mothers of color. Our mission is to support, inspire, educate and advocate for mothers of color. While some of our members have eliminated employment altogether, others work full-time outside the home, work part-time, flex-time, night shifts, are employed from home, or own home-based businesses. Mocha Moms, Inc. warmly welcomes parents of all ages, races and in every employment and marital status who believe that parenting is their top priority. We support them all because, regardless of the professional choices any of us have made, we face the same concerns about our children and families.

Mocha Moms, Inc. serves as an advocate for mothers of color and encourages the spirit of community activism within its membership. In 2006, Mocha Moms, Inc. adopted the community service initiative entitled Closing the Gap on Minority Achievement, which focuses on the health, educational and financial disparities which currently exist in our country.

2019 National Mocha Moms Retreat

About Our Chapter

Our Metro Atlanta chapter was created in 2004 and remains dedicated to motherhood, community service, and support. Our members reside throughout Metropolitan Atlanta – from Cartersville to Buckhead to Newnan and everywhere in between.

We are a support group for mothers of color who work full time, part-time and those who stay at home. All are welcome! Our chapter is a group of dynamic and inspiring women! As a member of our chapter, you will connect with other mothers, make new friends, and get to know what this amazing organization and chapter is all about.

Mocha Moms can mean so many things and serve so many purposes in each mother’s life.  Whatever the reason for wanting to join, we hope that you will be able to take advantage of the support from fellow Mocha sisters, the amazing events that build bonds of sisterhood, and the opportunities that you will have throughout the year to give back to others.  

Annual Mother’s Day Community Service Event at A.G. Rhodes Senior Center


Membership truly has its privileges and we would love an opportunity to talk with you about joining our organization.

To receive an invitation to our next open event, please email us at and indicate that you are a “Prospective Member”and someone from our leadership team will contact you shortly. 

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